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Version Control Pro 4.7

Version Control Pro 4.7: Let VC-Pro manage your documents and enjoy your coffee now! Version Control Pro. BaseLine is a collection of a group of files at specific time. It include a group of pre-defined files. BaseLine is a great helper about version control. You can add your documents into Watch List of Version Control Pro, so when those your documents are modified, Version Control Pro can prompt you check those documents into Version Control Pro. Using those functionalities, you can store any version of your documents and roll

Personal Document Manager 4.7: Let PD-Manager manage your documents and enjoy your coffee now!
Personal Document Manager 4.7

version control. You can add your documents into Watch List of Personal Document Manager, so when those your documents are modified, Personal Document Manager can prompt you check those documents into Personal Document Manager. Using those functionalities, you can store any version of your documents and roll back to any version you want. This tool software will help you remember what`s your files about, and when you modify your files ,it can help

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TeamCoherence Version Control Flexible and Cost Effective Version Control and Issue Tracking Solution
TeamCoherence Version Control

control. It enables development teams to automatically protect and track their most valuable source code, documentation, binaries, and all other file types as they change throughout the software life cycle. Improve Software Quality -------------------------------- Versioning features, such as labels, provide snapshots of a project for the quick retrieval of any previous version in the software life cycle. Support for promotion levels allows you to

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CTCnet 2.4

document and process management functionality, combined with version control and powerful search. Provides web interface to built-in Workflow System. Use workflow system to manage document and process flow. Use workflow to facilitate ISO9000 procedures in your company. Key Features: -Workflow engine -Calendar -Employee and client directory -Document management -Version control -Extranet feature -Polling -Organization by users groups -E-mail notifications

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Docsvault Small Business Edition 3.5: Simple scanning & document management software for your small business.
Docsvault Small Business Edition 3.5

Document Management System like fine grained security, document profiling, version control, document Check in/Check out, document routing, full text search, automated full & incremental backups, PDF creator & editor, document assembly, document tasks, audit trail, MS Office integration along with Outlook, document notes and many more. Restrictions can be placed on files and folders to restrict access or to control the types of operations they can

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CyQuest 2008 Manage Contacts, Documents, Notes, Images, Clients and Resources
CyQuest 2008

an essential tool for managing clients, contact, documents, notes, images and resources from one central database as well as generate custom forms for storing information. The application allows the user to create databases and forms without any knowledge of programming or database management. It also allows the user to manage meeting and telephone notes as well as documentation in a single database complete with version control.

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EasyCVS is an easy,quick and safe solution.It stores your sourcecode in an CVS Repository(CVS is an open-source version control tool),so you needn`t to worry about the database crashing.EasyCVS use the Microsoft Source Code Control Interface (MSSCCI ) of Visual Studio© to simplify the process of committing sourcecode. It`s easy to use because it`s integrated into Visual studio. You can use it like using visual soucesafe.

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